Vision -

  So that customers satisfied with the products and technical services provider


  Commitment to medicine, pesticides and functional chemicals and other fields to provide

  higher technical content, safer, more environmentally friendly products and technical services.

  Values -

  Green technology sustainable development

  Quality first full range of technical services

  Responsible for the common development of shareholders and employees

October 2007--Taixing New Day Chemical Co., Ltd. was established

August 2009--The company moved to Changzhou City

March 2014--Hengda Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established

August 2015--Established Suzhou Longlin Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

November 2015--Established Ruo Sai Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.

December 2016--Invested in Chizhou City Province to set up factories

Add:Room 203,NO.9 Xinbo Zhihui Valley,NO.198,Yunhe Road,Zhonglou


Contact:Manager Ma,Manager Wen

Tel:+86-18015028189 , +86-18015098689

Mobile:+86-519-85265229 , +86-519-85266229



Changzhou Hengda Biotechnology Co., Ltd. founded in 2007, its predecessor is Taixing New Chemicals Co. Ltd., in 2009 moved back to the city of Changzhou. In March 2014, the company was reorganized into Changzhou Hengda Biological Technology Co., ltd.. Company as a technology centric, innovation oriented high-tech enterprises. With the development and production of pharmaceutical, pesticide intermediates and fine chemical products, integrating biotechnology and innovative drug research into one, serving the global pharmaceutical and chemical enterprises.

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